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Who makes the declaration?

In principle, all declarations are made by the producers or importers themselves.

However, importers may commission one or more foreign suppliers to meet their obligation to make a declaration regarding the batteries and accumulators delivered by the supplier(s) concerned. For other batteries and accumulators, importers must always make all declarations themselves.

With regard to the automotive sector, suppliers located abroad who have directly joined Ecobatterien ASBL on behalf of their Luxembourg dealers make the declaration.

When should declarations be made?

You should make a quarterly or annual declaration, depending on your total annual contribution. Quarterly declaration (only if your total annual contribution is greater than or equal to €250 ex. VAT). Annual declaration (only if your total annual contribution is less than €250 ex. VAT).

How do I make my declaration to Ecobatterien?

By internet (detailed or simplified declaration). You can encode your declaration on the Ecobatterien ASBL website using the user code and password that you received on conclusion of the membership agreement. This means that the data communicated will be processed electronically and the risk of error is reduced to a minimum.

By post, fax or email (simplified declaration only). You can use the declaration form annexed to the membership agreement or you can download it on this site and send it by post, fax or email to:

Ecobatterien ASBL
Square Mile Belval
11, Boulevard du Jazz
L-4370 Belval
Tel: (00352)
Fax: (00352) 26.0.98-736